Touch Me

*This was attached to a previous story, I decided to re-post it on its own.

Touch me.  I have this thing about a man’s hands as you’ve probably read over and over.  Touch me.  Run your palm over my nipple.  They’re dark, like raspberries, really small and tight when puckered up and I love for them to be bitten.  Touch me.  Keep sliding your hand, your index finger down my belly past my button to my sex.  Already wet, I’m a good girl.  I’m an anxious girl.  I get horny pretty easily.  Hands do it for me.  Dirty talk definitely does it for me.  A good spank can do it.  A nice look,  you can make me cum sometimes just from tone of voice and what you say.  I’ve had it done.  Touch me baby.  Run that finger between my lips now parting me because you know you want that to be your cock head don’t you?  Take it out.  Take out your big cock I want to see it.  I love the feel of it in my hand.  My hands are little even for a girl.  My hands and my feet.  I only wear a size 7, so yeah, little hands and little feet.

I want to hold your beautiful hot cock in my hand with you between my legs and press you against my small pussy entrance and then run your head between my cunt lips.  You’d slide nice and easy up and down from my tiny asshole to my clit in my cum.  Every time your head touched my clit I’d jump a little and it would drive me crazy.  You’d get to watch me.  You’d look down at me using your dick to please myself.  I wouldn’t need toys anymore baby.  Touch me.  I’d use your fat cock to masturbate and cum so hard all over your head, my soft little hand jerking your pole off, could you hold out on me?  Or would you shove in my greedy little fuck hole?  Would you fuck the hell out of me?  Cum inside me bare honey?  Me begging in your ear to just Touch Me….


Published by: allinduetime1

Beginning to write again after several years of being in the corporate world. A few of my posts are old stories I wrote in high school or earlier. Most are new. I like to write emotionally. I like to write things that are close to me or hit hard for me at different moments. I write everything, anything, whatever comes to mind. Some stories are true, some are fantasy. Mostly, I write for me, so that I'm relevant to me, so that I remember. Feel free to let me know what you think. I love feedback.

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4 thoughts on “Touch Me”

  1. Your words are endlessly passionate and descriptive, with every subtle sensuality a writer can muster woven into the lustful fabric you create, dear woman. Once again, you succeed with flying colors in making passion such a tangible thing in a matter of words. Brava.

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