Signs 2 – Erotica

I couldn’t believe I had volunteered for this.  Now that I was on the floor and being shackled to it, I was having second thoughts and my mind was racing.  I had tears forming in the back of my eyes and I could feel my sinuses filling.  I had to get my shit together right here and right now.  I did not want to embarrass myself or my Master by crying in front of these people.  That would most certainly be worse than being fucked by a few of them in my mind!

I cleared my mind as the strong fingers worked the knotted muscles in my back, down my arms, there were three now discussing what to do with me.  All I had to do was whisper the word “Red” and they would all stop.  Everyone would stop and walk away.  I had the real power here and that made my tears go away and a smile light my face.  I breathed in a shaky hiss as a hard smack lit my ass on fire.  Fuck sakes, what the hell?!  I dared not glance back, I had no idea why I was being spanked but fuck, it was nice.  The second spank came harder than the first and I swear I thought of my Master and my head swiveled around the crowd to find him.  I couldn’t connect with him anywhere and I began to panic again and there a small caress.  It was him.  Christ on a cross.  He was going to force me.

I went cold and then hot all over.  It made my nipples practically cave in on themselves they went so fucking hard.  I’d begged him for a rape scene several times in the past months but he’d said I wasn’t ready.  Apparently he thought I was now.  The three men decided on a spanking bench by the fireplace and the group moved me towards it, dragging me towards it.  My heart was pounding so fast I honestly thought of asking for a nurse in that instant.  I should have my blood pressure taken at least.  I mean, was this safe?  I had watched the brunette beauty but surely she was a veteran.  I had made a mistake clearly.  I was having palpitations, a panic attack or a heart attack.  You can have a heart attack at 28.

I was sure I was already dead just then.  I must be having an out of body experience because my Master sat down on a Moroccan spanking bench covered in rich silky fabric, red in colour, about 2 feet wide and 5 feet long.  It had short rounded arms and one side had a slight back rest.  It was covered in exotic coloured pillows and silks.  He sat in an open legged position and sat me down right on top of him.  He gave me no time to consider our position.  He spread me as wide as he was and entered me hard.  I knew I wasn’t allowed to speak and I did my best not to scream.

It hurt in all the good ways, but I didn’t even get a chance to settle in to any sort of fucking rhythm with him before someone was pulling my braid half off my goddamn head.  This man needed a lesson on how to appropriately pull a woman’s hair and I was definitely going to make my Master aware of this at the end of the night.   He pulled my braid and jerked my head back opening my mouth for him.  He dropped a metal gag in my mouth opening it not closing it, strange.  I could poke my tongue through and breathe just fine, but it held my mouth open, I couldn’t close it.  He buckled it behind my head and turned my head to face him.  I should say he turned my head to face his massive erection.  I could do this.  I’d been practicing on Master.  If I took it slow I could take all of him.

He slammed to the back of my throat in one thrust.  Or I can just choke and gag my way through it I thought.  I tried to use my hand to grab the base of his dick and he slapped me so hard I almost bit his dick right off.  He laughed and told me no.  I couldn’t lick my lips and I couldn’t suck.  This was horrible.  I hated dirty blow jobs.  I hated messy blow jobs.  I liked to be a clean baby girl.  I liked to lick and suck.  He obviously was a control freak.  He just wanted an open hole.  He just wanted to listen to the gagging.

I was getting into a good place fucking my Master and letting this guy gag me with his pretty cock and I see from the corner of my eye a very naked man making his way from the guests to us.  I lose him from my line of sight and begin to worry.  I can’t move my head, this motherfucker at my mouth is relentless. I wish he’d just cum already but he doesn’t feel anywhere close to that.  I have spit running down my chin and on to his balls from where he’s held me on him.  He times it.  We’re up to a minute twenty seconds now.  He’s very proud of me and tells me so.  I gag and cough my way through it.  Fuck him.  He won’t break me.  He’s not my Master.  I want to piss this one off.  I’m going to make him cum.  Now when he holds me down to his balls I work my throat muscles and suckle him deep.  I use my tongue the only way I can.  I stick it all the way out to his ball sack and rub it back and forth along the sack licking.  I know it’s getting to him too.  His balls are hard.  He has sweat dripping from his furrowed brow.  His nipples are pebbled up and his sack, oh his sack finally wrinkles up.  He’s so fucking close and I did that shit.  He wants to cum.  I’m going to make him.  I’m making baby noises to him.  He’s dying.

I feel a little kiss at the top of my ass crack and freeze for a few seconds.  I know what’s coming.  I’m going to be cumming.  Soon, very soon.  I’ve always wanted this and now I’m going to get it in a forced scene.  He pushes in so slowly I think it’s hurting him but then I see my Master’s eyes and I know it’s for my benefit and I have so much love for him right then.  He respects me, he protects me, even now.

I’m so full, I can feel both cocks and I know they can feel each other with only a small piece of skin separating them.  I know any movement either makes the other will feel and the same for me.  I’ve studied this.  I don’t want to be ripped like my brown beauty so I move slowly letting them know I’m ready for more.  They both seem to sigh with relief and begin a slow game of cat and mouse with my pussy and ass.

Not to be outdone, my blow job takes over and begins pounding my face and pulling my hair hard.  I close my throat as best I can and put his hand around my throat to choke me more while he fucks me, the four of us going at it in tandem.

I know they are supposed to be forcing me but goddamn I’m at wits end I want it all so much I begin fucking them, my little hands on Master 2’s hips as my mouth devours his cock in a steady in and out and holding myself down on him.  Master 3 in my ass gets grinded on and fucked up and down, up and down and in doing so Master 1, my love, my Master gets the same and I’m close, so fucking close.

I slide my hand between us and touch my clit, barely a rub and start to shake uncontrollably.  Master 2 unstraps my gag and takes it off, stuffing his big meaty cock back down my throat, letting me suck while I cum.  He begins to cum in my mouth and I swallow every drop.  Not one spilled.  He’s holding me to him, cradling me, telling me I’m a good girl, a lovely girl and my body is still on fire and I need more.  I purr out an MMMmmthank you Sir just as my Master starts cumming inside me setting off Master 3 and I can’t help but to follow them, holding on to my Master tight, the three of us like warm puppies pushing into one another, our bodies entwined in a tug of war.  The sensation is almost too much and I cry out one final time before collapsing but only for a second.

I am pulled by the base of my hair near the scalp by my Master down to his cock and I know I must clean him.  I lick and suck him until he is as clean as when we started.  I turn my head to Master 3 as it’s the last I can do since I did the same for Master 2.  He shakes his head, kisses me on the cheek and crooks a finger at his own sub to clean him up.  I am led away by my Master to a round of applause by all.


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Beginning to write again after several years of being in the corporate world. A few of my posts are old stories I wrote in high school or earlier. Most are new. I like to write emotionally. I like to write things that are close to me or hit hard for me at different moments. I write everything, anything, whatever comes to mind. Some stories are true, some are fantasy. Mostly, I write for me, so that I'm relevant to me, so that I remember. Feel free to let me know what you think. I love feedback.

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One thought on “Signs 2 – Erotica”

  1. Wow…This isn’t the first time I’ve read your work. You helped me escape the monotony of my job tonight and for that I thank you. I look forward to future installments

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