Sparks – Erotic

Tonight I’ve had a particularly flirtatious time with a very handsome devil and I find I need a little relief.  They say opposites attract but I think similar can get down too.  You and I are a bit similar in all the good wicked dark ways and I’m thinking about those ways as I slide two fingers in my bare cock pocket.  I’ve been thinking about you for far too long and you had me so ready that my hips jump immediately at my fingers and I’m up to my knuckles in my wetness and I know I’m going to need more than just my hand tonight.

I lean back and sigh thinking “fuck”!  It’s my fault, I’ve been teasing you all week and in doing so, I’ve been teasing myself.  I deserve this.  I love this.  I love laying here fingering myself and thinking about your smile, you calling me your nickname for me.  Nicknames are my thing and goddamn you picked one that gets me.  You get me.

I’m getting frustrated with my fingers, I need more, I need to pretend I have your cock tonight.  You already know I want it.  I know you want me and I adore how we completely have a drama free laid back attitude about it.

I glance over and grin.  Standing in the corner is Steel.  That’s his name.  Sure it’s kind of trite but I don’t care if you don’t.  This is one of my favourite Teddy Bears.  I have a lot of them.  I think every woman, every female really should have a few favourite stuffed animals throughout her life, especially in adulthood.  It can be very freeing, very sexy.

Steel though is my favourite for a lot of reasons.  You see, my friends got him for me as a joke after a particularly bad Browns/Steelers game.  He’s 4 feet tall, he’s dressed in a strap on and a Steelers jersey.  I’m a Browns fan, staunch Browns fan, so it was definitely a joke.  I think I’ve said before that 80% of women over 30, when surveyed, said they’d fucked a stuffed animal before and I’m definitely one of them.

I put Steel on my bed and mount his fake cock, sinking down, my hands on his jersey and I giggle a little at the irony of it.  I’d never fucked this particular teddy before and oh fuck now I wondered why! Sliding all the way to the base of the cock I feel his soft fur on my bare rosebud and it makes me jump a little at the quick sensation it sends through my pussy.  Little electrical sparks begin and the chase ensues.  The race has started and I can’t seem to stop.  I’m mindless and fucking my brown teddy bear, eyes closed imagining “him”.

Your scruffy beard against my skin, leaving that love rash, biting back on my skin.  Your soft lips sucking my nipples and your strong teeth biting them.  Your big hands holding my ass, just perfect and round for your lanky fingers to hold and push up and down, making my nether lips slide tight and slick over your ridges tip to base.  That fat mushroom headed tip catching on my sucking hole, rubbing me in just the right way, making me jump a little as it catches just under my hood hitting my g-spot.  You push harder up and down, slow and hard fighting that last little bit because I’m on the fucking edge.

You’re so patient.  You’re designed for me.  You would laugh a little, kind of evil, kind of exhilarated, you would push me down on you, making me feel every inch of your cock grinding into my hot dripping sex.  Putting your thumb at the center of my mouth, making me suck it and bite it and it sends me over.

Tipping, tipping, tipping, hands in your jersey, nails digging in, mouth open in that silent scream a small “ugh fuck fuck you!” puffing out in a hard rush and I cum all over your pole.  Slamming my little candy kiss down on you rocking a little, pulsing hard, milking your cock begging in every language I know for you to cum with me. Massaging your dick from the inside.

Could you hold out on me?  Would you grab my hips and fuck me a few times cumming with me?  Would I feel that burst from you as you empty yourself?  Those quick pumps of your life mixing with mine?

Would you feel the sparks with me?


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