Signs – Erotica

When they entered the room all eyes were on her.  She was tanned and naked head to toe.  Her thin frame could use some weight sure, but she was beautiful.  She had dark brown and gold tresses hanging free down her back to her heart shaped ass curls tumbling down like a waterfall right to her crack.  Those curls moved and swayed with her body as she walked through the crowded room lit with blue and red tonight.  Festive.  She had brown eyes to match her hair, slightly curved at the corners.  Was it make-up or genetics?  I couldn’t tell from my perch in the corner.  I was here with my Master to watch tonight, to get used to the crowd.  I was mesmerized by her.  She was everything I wanted to be.  I perked up as soon as she entered.  She was confidence and grace.

Her Master stood her on a small stool near the center of the room and hung a gold chain attached to a golden sign around her neck.  It said “Force Me” and a chill ran down my chest, across my nipples making them pebble up into little raspberries on down my stomach making it flutter like mad and further down into my pussy making it clench so hard I came right there, grabbing the wall beside me for support.  My entire body flushed red and I could feel myself pulsing hot, a thumping in my cunt so deep I closed my eyes and felt the drunkenness of it for a minute.  When I opened my eyes they connected with hers and I clenched again smiling at her.  My blue and her melting chocolate brown knowing each other for that time.  She rode with me in those mere seconds.  She knew.

Even as she was being pulled away I continued to watch her.  No one was paying attention to someone they could only caress tonight.  I was being left alone.  I could watch everyone but I only wanted to watch her.  You see tonight was a free for all for the Masters.  They got to do whatever the signs said on the Slaves.  Mine said “Caress Me”.  I was lucky tonight.  I was new.  I saw signs tonight that said “Beat Me” and “Fuck Me” and “Poke Me”.  That one made me giggle.  Hers said “Force Me” and I knew what that meant.  I was excited for her.  I was scared for her.  I couldn’t wait to watch and learn from her.

The first man to approach her didn’t hesitate.  he grabbed her beautiful hair by a huge handful and bent her in half roughly, giving her no choice but to cry out.  Instead of a sound coming from her beautiful cupid lips, he filled her mouth with his cock.  He went all the way to his groin in one stroke giving her no time to get used to him.  I wanted so badly to run across the room and put my hand on her throat to feel his cock there.  He face fucked her harder than I’d ever seen in any video and I could feel myself between my legs, the wetness there, it was embarrassing.

She wore no make-up to get smeared and she swallowed every drop of him.  She was not a messy cock sucker and I adored her.  I wanted to be just like her.  He held her to him laughing down at her and she stared at him, daring him.  Neither of us saw the man slam his 10 inch cock into her bent ass.  He hit it so hard and fast her teeth scraped Master 1 and he cringed but took it and held her shoulders to steady her.  Master 2 held her hips up running his finger around her tight pink asshole where he’d made her bleed a little.  He showed the room her blood on his fingers and then he licked and sucked his fingers as if it was candy.  I closed my eyes and licked my plump red lips thinking about what she tasted like with that massive cock ripping her open like that.

He was easing in and out now, finding his pounding rhythm and he snapped his fingers to his sub standing beside him.  She had a pixie cut and was absolutely adorable climbing under the object of my desire.  She began licking his balls and her pussy in tandem.  She licked his balls when he stopped to grind in her ass.  She licked my lady’s pussy when he pounded her mouth into Master 1’s cock with his fat veined pole.  He was gaping her and I imagined it was me, wondering if I could take it.

She glanced over to me and I smiled again.  She closed her lips over Master 1 and suckled hard making him burst in her face dripping his cum over her nose and lips, down her chin and over her tongue.  He pulled her head back by her hair grinning down at her telling her what a good girl she was slapping her hard in the face with his spent dick.

This sent Master 2 into a frenzy of fucking.  He slammed into her ass three or four times more whispering something to his sub, he grabbed my girl by the hips pressing as hard as he could into her hole emptying his seed, pumping his cock into her and then suddenly pulling out and holding her ass open.  His sub coming between her cheeks and licking his cum as it seeped out of her.  Drinking from her tiny heart ass like her own personal cum cup.

I was stunned.  I stood still even though I felt hands caressing me.  I stared at her for what felt like hours.  My own Master came and walked me towards her.  Her Master had taken her sign off and walked away with her to clean up.  I stood staring at the spot she had been taken and I don’t know what came over me, I tugged on my Master’s sleeve and pointed at the sign.  His face lit up like a child with a new toy.  He removed my sign and placed the new one on me.  He stood me in her place and walked away to watch.

I had no time to think about my decision, within seconds I was forced to my knees and put in shackles…..


Published by: allinduetime1

Beginning to write again after several years of being in the corporate world. A few of my posts are old stories I wrote in high school or earlier. Most are new. I like to write emotionally. I like to write things that are close to me or hit hard for me at different moments. I write everything, anything, whatever comes to mind. Some stories are true, some are fantasy. Mostly, I write for me, so that I'm relevant to me, so that I remember. Feel free to let me know what you think. I love feedback.

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