The heart is like a box and it takes the right sort of key to open it.

The young leave it open to any key until it hurts too much and then they slam it shut.

Through relationships we gain knowledge, we learn hard lessons, our sensibilities take serious blows.  We experience hurt and suffering, the keys get more elaborate until eventually it takes a very special key, a one of a kind to open the box.

How intricate is your key?


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Beginning to write again after several years of being in the corporate world. A few of my posts are old stories I wrote in high school or earlier. Most are new. I like to write emotionally. I like to write things that are close to me or hit hard for me at different moments. I write everything, anything, whatever comes to mind. Some stories are true, some are fantasy. Mostly, I write for me, so that I'm relevant to me, so that I remember. Feel free to let me know what you think. I love feedback.

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2 thoughts on “Keys”

  1. My key has a notch here, a notch there it’s a small one, but it opens a box where I can find money, not much money, but just a bit. It isn’t the money that makes me run to open the box with my key, It’s the beauty of the box itself. It’s made of birch wood, oh how lovely it is. I open it up, peek inside, then I give it a shake, only to hear the change rattle inside. I count the money, it’s only just a bit, I count again and again, it’s only just a bit. I close the box, I lock it again, putting the key in a place close to my heart. My key is special because it opens my beautiful birch wood box. The box

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