Rise – Smile – Give


Rise and shine.  Not to the let the light in but to let your light out.

The day is waiting for you to give it your command so take charge.

Live your light.  Live your life.  Live your love.


Smile and the world smiles with you.  Not just your lips, your eyes.

Someone is waiting to see your smiling eyes, don’t disappoint them.

Lift your eyes.  Lift your lips.  Lift your heart.


It’s better to give than to receive, do what you can.

A small gesture will open hearts wider than you can imagine.

Give a little.  Receive a little.  Share a little.


Published by: allinduetime1

Beginning to write again after several years of being in the corporate world. A few of my posts are old stories I wrote in high school or earlier. Most are new. I like to write emotionally. I like to write things that are close to me or hit hard for me at different moments. I write everything, anything, whatever comes to mind. Some stories are true, some are fantasy. Mostly, I write for me, so that I'm relevant to me, so that I remember. Feel free to let me know what you think. I love feedback.

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