A Night At Eve’s

She went through a hard break-up recently and it sent her on a tailspin she supposed. She’s been confiding in her good friend and he’s been wonderful. They’ve been close for a while.  He keeps goading her to “get back out there” and “just fuck someone already”.  She’s laughed it off for the most part but you know, she’s been thinking maybe he’s right, maybe it’s time to just let it all go and stop being so morally righteous about everything, just have fun and be free.  It’s not as if she has to fall in love.  She can at least get some excitement and definitely some much needed cock.

In any case, he’s been good to her. He’s a Dom without a baby girl currently and he’s always calling her beautiful and checking in on her.  He’s fucking sexy as hell and has eyes that make her want to sit up and beg like the bitch she is.  She’s begun to have fantasies about him.  She masturbates to thoughts about him.  It’s gotten to the point where she actually blushes sometimes when they hang out because she gets wet when he flirts with her, she wants to rub up against him, she wants to stroke his cock for him.

She’s decided she wants to thank him for all he’s done for her.  He’s really helped boost her self esteem and helped her see how important it is to get back to being her old positive self.  She wants to give him something special for cheering her up these past couple of weeks during her break up.  He’s kinky like her so she think he’s going to love what she’s picked for him.  She thinks you will too.

On Friday morning she sent him and e-mail.  <You are cordially invited to meet me tonight at 8 p.m. at Eve’s in fantasy suite #4 for private playtime.  Please RSVP by 12 p.m.>  He positively responded five minutes later.  Eve’s is a private club where many naughty things can happen for couples and singles alike.  Membership is very exclusive but well worth it.

He arrived at 8 p.m. to find her naked and in a perfect submissive pose in the middle of a tarped concrete floor.  The room was aglow in black lights which he found odd but decided to go with.  She was so beautiful he felt himself get erect immediately and had to stand and breathe for a minute to settle himself.  He wanted her.  He had wanted her for the better part of 10 months, since they’d met.  Fate kept screwing them over.  First she’d been with someone, then he’d been with someone, and then she’d been with someone.  Now they were both single but she was still grieving.  Sex needed to be fun and positive.  He wanted to make her smile and laugh.  He wanted to make her moan and scream.

He glanced around the room and noticed no furniture, only the tarp, a large pot heating on the edge, and various bottles of lotions.  This was an odd fantasy.  He’d never seen anything like it.  He was immediately all in.  He loved to try new things.  He wanted to learn everything about the lifestyle.  He wanted to know everything there was to know about making love and pleasing each other.

He undressed and walked to her touching her tight bun on top of her head.  He didn’t like it.  He loved her hair down and wild.  He loved thinking about it like he could grab a handful and wrap it around his fist and pull while he fucked her.  All those blonde curls and her wide grey eyes.  When he touched her she looked up at him and smiled.  It took him by surprise and his heart flip flopped.  This wasn’t just any smile.  She was relieved and happy to see him.  She was ready to see him.  He asked her “are you ready to play?”  She nodded and took his hand.  She placed it between her spread knees and he felt her pink shaved pussy.  She was wet and slick.  Poor baby girl, he wondered how long she’d been like this waiting for him.  He slid two fingers inside her and her head fell back.  He felt her tremble and he grinned, oh she would be fun.  She was close already.  He put a hand on her neck and pushed her down on the tarp opening her thighs to him he knelt and began finger fucking her and tonguing her at the same time.  She tried to close her legs.  He figured she’d be a bit shy.  He caught her little blushes when he teased her.  He held her steady and within minutes she came so hard her entire body shook.  She shoved her pelvis up for him and he pleased her by pushing his tongue deeper inside making it last longer than she’d ever had it.  He was as amazing as she’d imagined.

He had thoroughly pleased her so she figured it was her turn and she wanted to show him why she brought him here.  She pushed him down on the tarp and got on top of him.  She grabbed one of the bottles of lotion and began to spread it all over him and herself.  In hard to reach places she asked him to oblige her and she rubbed it on his back and ass, legs, etc.  She rubbed the lotion on his cock and balls and he began to get extremely curious.  He was so well put together.  He was a truly beautiful man.  She put a bandage over the head of his cock and his intrigue was peaked to the point of desperation.  What kind of kinky shit was she doing?  She put a bandage over her pussy opening and he thought maybe this wasn’t something he wanted to do after all.  He was about to tell her so when she brought up a huge ladled cup from the massive black pot warming beside them and slowly started pouring some type of warm liquid paint on him.  It felt so good he laid there and let her.

She told him it was liquid latex and he had to lay still for 3 minutes to let it dry, that it would feel like rubber skin.  She picked electric blue and that’s why they had tarp and black lights.  It felt like hot candle wax.  So warm and comforting covering his whole body.  She did his entire front and he had to admit when she did the jewels even though he was so fucking hard at that point it did hurt a little, but in such a good fucking way, he had to fight to keep from cumming when it hit his balls.  She did two coats on each side and then dusted him with some type of stuff to keep them from sticking together.  Then it was his turn to do her and Jesus Christ he was so fucking turned on at that point his hands were shaking.  He’s a Dom for fuck sake and this girl had just turned the tables on him.

She lay on the tarp all oiled up from the lotion looking up at him with those huge grey eyes and his cock is just jutting out at her all electric blue covered in this beautiful rubber lit up by black lights with the fleshy cap uncovered so he can cum, so she can lick it.  He started pouring and her nipples pucker up so tight he bit his lip.  Her nipples are little like raspberries, so beautiful, so fucking tasty.  Now covered in blue and puckered up little ripe fruit.  He cover her again and again.  He loved seeing her flinch when the heated liquid hits her, He loved knowing she can take it and that she’s getting wet from it.  He loved that she’s licking her lips watching his cock produce pre cum while he’s doing this for her.  After he finished and dusted her down they stand and face each other just staring and he kissed her his tongue slipping in her mouth.  This is a gentle kiss, a kiss of wonder and promise of what will come between them and he thanks her for this.  He tells her he appreciates her and that this is the most wonderful gift he’s ever received.  She touches his face with her rubber hands and his cock jumps at her.

They lay down and explore each other.  He plays with her puckered nipples.  She is fascinated with his rubber balls.  All of their play becomes serious while she’s stroking his balls and her fingers travels down to his anus, she gently nudges his asshole and he spread his legs a bit.  Her little finger nudges again and then he feels something wet nudging.  He closes his eyes and just lays back.  He doesn’t  to look.  The wet thing breaks through the ring of his asshole and enters exploring and it feels so good he grunt out and lift his ass towards it.  Little fingers spread his ass cheeks and the wet thing delves deeper tasting him, eating him, searching him.  At this point he’s rubbing his ass up and down on the wet thing begging it to go deeper and it does.  He keeps whispering “please baby girl”.  It touches something primal in him, when it does his ass lifts off the tarp and he practically wails in delight.  The wet thing begins to stroke that primal button deep inside him.  In a rush he cries out, his cock twitching and jumping, spitting cum all over his belly and the tarp. The wet thing makes a gentle retreat and kisses his rubber balls.  She slides up his body and snuggles in his arms.

After taking her to Eve’s public bar to show her off he takes her back to their suite as their time is almost over.  She still hasn’t had him inside her and she’s going out of her mind.  She hands him a bottle of special lubricant for his rubber covered penis so he can fuck her and some rope.  She knows he loves bondage and so does she.  She’s been hoping he would tie her up tonight and she doesn’t want to leave without it happening.  She is shocked beyond her wildest fantasy when he quickly throws her down and ties her hands and feet together leaving only enough slack for her to be face down ass up.  She struggles but only makes the rope tighten.  Her cheeks flare as she feels open and exposed.  What if someone walked in?  Everyone would see her pussy and ass.  She hates this.  It’s an embarrassing pose.  That’s when she feels the first smack and her mind blanks.  She winces and her body pushes forward with the force of it.  She feels the tip of his cock just as the burn begins to settle in after the smack and her breath floats away from her lungs.  YES her mind screams.  What was she thinking about before? Smack! Fuck what?

He thrusts hard and she moans knowing she can’t take this.  This kind of thing will leave her addicted.  He continues his onslaught giving her hard spanks and thrusts  recognizing when she cums and stopping deep inside her so she can struggle and ride him through them herself.  The spanks on the rubber make it hurt worse than just normal skin to skin contact and she knows she wants to do this again and soon.  He asks her if she’s had enough and she giggles.  She breathes hard.  He unties her, lays down on the tarp, sets her on top of him and enters her once again.  She begins to ride him.  He reaches up and tears a piece of her rubber suit off, a huge chunk falls away.

She pulls a piece from his shoulder down his chest to his belly button and to his groin, peeling it like skin after a sunburn.  He gets chills and smiles at her telling her how good it feels.  She continues riding his dick each of them peeling each other’s skin, building up, he sits up holding her, fucking her, making love to her, they stare at each other knowing this is what sex should be, fun, positive, enlightening, and happy.


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Beginning to write again after several years of being in the corporate world. A few of my posts are old stories I wrote in high school or earlier. Most are new. I like to write emotionally. I like to write things that are close to me or hit hard for me at different moments. I write everything, anything, whatever comes to mind. Some stories are true, some are fantasy. Mostly, I write for me, so that I'm relevant to me, so that I remember. Feel free to let me know what you think. I love feedback.

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