He used to read to her, that’s how she fell in love with him.  He read The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and the complete series of Red Dwarf to her and he did all the voices.  He listened to her when they talked.  He cared.  He never asked her for more than she could give.  She loved him.  She didn’t care that he was so much younger than her.  She didn’t care that he lived 3000 miles away.  None of it mattered.  She loved him.  It helped a lot that their sexual chemistry was off the charts too.

He was skittish about a relationship, he’d been hurt before.  He kept saying don’t tell me you’re coming to see me, I’ve had women say that before and then never come.  It is a 3000 mile trip so yeah, she could see why.  But she didn’t want to be like that.  She wanted to prove to him she wasn’t like those other women.  She went to see him.

Getting off the plane she was jittery with so much excitement her body just thrummed with it.  Almost eight hours in the air and she hadn’t slept a wink.  She couldn’t, the thought of seeing him just made every scenario of them naked and fucking run through her head for every second of the longest flight of her life it seemed.  She was sensitive, she needed release.  This would be their first meeting but she knew already he was the one.  They’d spent months preparing for this day.

She hurried through customs and headed to collect her bags.  Rounding the corner to the exit she saw him, dropped everything and ran.  He came to her in a rush just as she slammed into him.  He caught her as she knew he would.  Their mouths slipped together in a perfect collide kissing deeply, no words spoken, nothing needed to be said.  Both so overjoyed to finally see each other, to feel one another, to smell one another.  It’s an animalistic instinct, so basic, like a beast inside you, to want to paw and devour your mate, that MINE mentality.

They stood there in the crowded lobby kissing and laughing, enjoying the wonder of being in each other’s arms.  Finally breaking free from one another, he grabbed her bag and her hand and began to guide her from the building to the car.  She wanted to be in his home, in his bed where she belonged.  They’d had at least 3 months of getting each other off via webcam and phone, it was stunning to finally be here in his arms snuggled in the car speeding off in the rain.  She put her head on his shoulder and relaxed for the first time in two days.

Upon arriving at his home he was the perfect gentleman and she was becoming quite disappointed by this.  She wanted his hands on her, his mouth.  He carried her bags to his room, introduced her to his mum, who was lovely.  He made her breakfast and catered to her hand and foot.  He would give her little kisses and stroke her hair every now and again, but take it no further and she grew desolate.  Maybe he didn’t find her attractive now that they met face to face?  Maybe he had regrets?  He asked if she would like to take a nap and she agreed she felt tired.  He led her to his room and told her to use the bed and make herself comfortable.  He left her alone and so she changed into her pajamas and fell asleep quickly.

When she awoke he was in bed beside her sleeping.  She decided to take matters into her own hands so to speak and began kissing him gently and stroking him through his pajamas.  She knew from their webcam activities that he was quite large and uncut, perfect in every way.  She wanted desperately to taste him and as she slipped her hand into his pajama bottoms to take his cock in her hand he opened his beautiful eyes and smiled at her.  He kissed her and said “we don’t have to right now, we can wait if you want”.  She whispered back, her soft blue/grey eyes begging “please”.

She undressed and let him see her.  He began kissing her deeply looking into her eyes and she got very emotional.  No man had ever taken such time, made such a display of looking at her, loving her.  When he was satisfied that she knew what he meant to convey he continued his path down kissing and nibbling here and there making her sigh and moan, calling for him, and even giggle at times.  He bit and sucked hard on her nipples, taking his time, telling her everything he was going to do to her here.  When he reached the apex of her thighs he kissed her gently there.  He was the only man to ever do this for her then and since.  When she remembers the moment she came in his mouth, she always remembers how soft his hair was in her fingers as she pressed his mouth down on her clit.  He had said in his deep brogue,  “Cum for me Crystal” and just like that she did.  He never called her honey, baby, sweetie, none of those.  He always called her by her name.  He wanted her to know he knew HER, that he was with HER, not some fantasy.

They spent the week making love, fucking, and laughing.  For her one of the best nights was when he let her be his baby slave.  She catered to him that night.  She made him dinner, she got him drinks when he needed it.  They played games with his friends.  His friends all adored her.  They loved the way she laughed and joked about everything.  After everyone left he was a bit tipsy and wanted to take a bath.  She got his water ready with some bubbles.  He climbed in and she sat beside the tub which surprised him.

She got the bath sponge and soap and began to wash him.  He moaned out in ecstasy.  He did not expect this kind of treatment.  She loved doing it.  His cock got harder than she’d ever seen it.  It rose above the bubbles and she couldn’t help playing with it when she was done washing him.  She took extra care washing it for him.  When it was clean she began licking and sucking the tip, pulling back the foreskin taking him a little deeper each time.  It was to the point where she was going under the water to suck him off.  He had his head back on the tub biting his lip, he couldn’t watch her, he knew he’d cum too soon.  The next time she came up for air she said “please daddy I need it” and that was all it took for him.  He put his hand on her head, forced her down while he surged his hips up, he held her there, taking all of him, he could feel her throat muscles grabbing him while she gagged around him and damn she was whimpering little “uh huhs”, she loved it.  She made him cum so hard she could barely swallow it all.  She knew he was proud of her though.  He fucked her hard and spanked her later.

The best day for her was getting off that plane.  The worst day was a week later getting on another.  She’s missed him for a very long time.  They still talk, they still love.  Just in different ways now.  Time and distance have pulled them apart.  She’s no longer his number one but he will always be her daddy.


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Beginning to write again after several years of being in the corporate world. A few of my posts are old stories I wrote in high school or earlier. Most are new. I like to write emotionally. I like to write things that are close to me or hit hard for me at different moments. I write everything, anything, whatever comes to mind. Some stories are true, some are fantasy. Mostly, I write for me, so that I'm relevant to me, so that I remember. Feel free to let me know what you think. I love feedback.

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