You Know Someone

“We need to do more to stop rape, to punish it for the outrageous violation of a human being that it is; we have to change our attitudes towards it and stop accepting it as something inevitable, whether we are speaking of college campuses, downtown bars, dark streets the world over, or life in the military. Rape is a ghastly crime.” – Suzette Somer on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Date Rape Fraternity Allegations.

I’ve been saying this for years, SCREAMING it in fact. My book focuses on this, and yet we can’t find a voice in our nation or anywhere else it seems. This topic always seems to get swept under the rug. Why? Why is everyone so fucking afraid to talk about it? So afraid to talk about a proper punishment for it? Why does it embarrass you? Why does make you uncomfortable? A rape happens every 8 seconds in MY nation, my mighty nation right?! Think about that and what it means for others who live in desolation.¬†Every single one of you KNOW someone. YOU KNOW SOMEONE who’s been raped. Think about that…..let it settle in your mind, now fucking discuss it.


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